Megan – Construction Administrator

Megan - Construction Administrator

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My name is Megan Bullock, and I am one of the Construction Administrators/Coordinators in the office. I am a military spouse and my husband and I have been stationed at Shaw Air Force base in Sumter, SC for the past 5 years.

This spring (2023) we will be entering the world of 1st time parents by welcoming our rainbow baby girl to our family. While we are excited for this journey, we are also very nervous as many can relate.

I first started my WaterWorks journey in January of 2022, I started in retail and then transferred into construction in March of 2022.

I am partnered with Abel Vasquez as my Construction Manager and Leonard Todd as my Field Technician.

As your Construction Administrator my responsibility is to make sure my team is set to operate smoothly, efficiently, and well organized throughout the entire construction project.

My role for my team is to make sure pool plans are finalized, permits are ready, materials are where they need to be, schedules are planned out and communication is established with our customers prior to the kick-off of projects.

During construction my role is to communicate with my team and our customers constantly and consistently.

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