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How to tell which type of liner you require for your Above ground Pool?

Above Ground Overlap Pool Liners

are pulled over the wall and rolled up on the exterior side of the pool. These liners normally have a round or flat plastic coping that snaps over top of the liner to keep it in place. Above Ground Overlap Liners are the most prevalent type of liner and are the least expensive of the above ground liner types.

Above Ground Beaded Pool Liners

The most popular type of Above Ground Beaded Liner is known as the "Standard Bead or Snap Bead" liner which tucks/snaps into a coping that is fastened over the pool wall. Standard Bead liners require a coping (which we sell). This application is an excellent choice for customers whom are building decks around their pool and will not be able to dismantle the pool to change the liner in the future. Above Ground Beaded Liners provide a clean finished look as they are not visible from the exterior of the pool as Above Ground Overlap liners can be.

J Hook Above Ground Bead Pool Liner

The U/J Above Ground Liner fits over top of the walls edge directly (Like and upside down letter "U"). 


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