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About WaterWorks Pools & Spas Manager - Whitney

I began working for WaterWorks Pools and Spas in 2007 to help manage the business. Waterworks was just a seasonal company at that time so I ventured to another position in sales always knowing in my heart that I eventually would work for WaterWorks again. Sure enough in January 2012 Eric Prince, Owner and Operator of WaterWorks hired me to manage the store and sell! Eric also happens to be my brother! WaterWorks is more than just a swimming pool company. When you come to our store, You will receive not only great service but we will make sure you know exactly what you need to do no matter what the problem! We know how scary green pools are and overwhelming and costly it is when your not sure of what you’re doing.  With our family business you receive true compassion about what we do and the work that you receive! Eric and I work very well as a team with the help of our staff to make sure we provide excellent work whether it is building a new pool, at a service call, cleaning your pool, or shopping in our store: We want you to be 100% happy with the service you receive from us! Eric has built an amazing company that I take great pride in being a part and helping continue growth. If you ever have any questions or feel like you did not receive great service, please call me directly at 803-469-6617! I look forward to meeting you! -Whitney